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Wax Heaters

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Pot Wax Heaters


IT-Export-RD round pot wax heater
IT-Export-SQ square pot wax warmer 100W
IT-UNIX-400 pot wax heater
IT-UNIX-800-2000 pot wax warmer 100W

IT-Elegance400 pot wax heater 400ml 100W
IT-Elegance800 pot wax heater 800ml 100W
IT-Jolly400 pot wax heater 400ml 120W

IT-Donatella pot wax warmer 400cc 150W
IT-ETI-SCG1000 wax warmer 400cc 350W
IT-ETI-3T-280 pot wax heater 100W

TW-268PW-500 pot wax warmer 500ml 100W
CN-1PW-500 pot wax warmer 500ml 150W
CN-2PW-500 pot wax warmer 500ml 100W
CN-3PW-500 pot wax warmer 500ml 150W

CN-4PW-1000 pot wax warmer 1000ml 100W
CN-5PW-1000 pot wax warmer 1000ml 200W
CN-6PW-2x500 twin pot wax warmer 300W
CN-7PW-500 pot wax warmer 500cc 100W

CN-8PW-1000 pot wax warmer 1000ml 100W
CN-9PW-1000 pot wax warmer 1000ml 100W
CN-10PW-500 pot wax warmer 500ml
CN-11PW-2x400PW dual pot wax heater 80W

Elegance 800 Wax Pot Heater

This ultra sensitive thermostat and adjustable temperature control gurantees wax is also heated to the perfect temperature. 800ml capacity.

Made in Italy Made in Italy

IT Jolly 400 pot wax heater 120w

The Jolly 400 is a handy, compact wax warmer suitable for all work surfaces. Its key features are its small size and high power. The Jolly 400 has armoured band heating elements that ensure uniform heating across the entire surface of the tin, with adjustable melting temperature. A compact wax warmer particularly suitable for use in the home

Made in Italy Made in Italy

Export Round Wax Pot Heater

With its metal casing, this heater has been designed to heat quickly yet keep wax warm for longer. 10cm diameter melting plate. Used for heating 800ml cans.

Made in Italy Made in Italy

Export Square Wax Pot Heater

This practical and sturdy heater is producted in metal. Designed to be particularly long-lasting, it also boasts a highly sensitive thermostat bulb. 10cm diameter melting plate.

Made in Italy Made in Italy


Roller Wax Heaters


SP-I-R single roller wax heater 40W
IT-Mono36-R Kit Mono roller w.warmer 25W
IT-Duo220-R Kit Duo roller w.warmer 70W
IT-Trio36-R Kit Trio roller w.warmer 90W

IT-SET-R Compet. roller wax warmer 25W
IT-DuoEvolution-R duo w.warmer 60W
IT-TrioEvolution-R trio w.warmer 70W
IT-Multiple-R Kit Multiple roll wax heater 120W

CN-8302-1RW single roller wax warmer 40W
CN-3RWT single roller wax warmer 40W
4RW 4in1 roller wax warmer 200W

Evolution Duo Kit Roller Wax Heater

The Evolution range represents a well-rounded line to meet all needs. Thanks to its ergonomic handle, this model is particularly easy to use.

The Evolution Duo Kit comprises a base of two heating roller holders. Very practical and functional especially for professional use as it is always possible to have two refills ready for use. It has a 220V input and is heated by ceramic resistances a a pre-set temperature.

Made in Italy Made in Italy

Directions of use:

  1. Insert wax refills into roller holders and switch on the mains supply.
  2. Leave the wax to heat for approximately 30-40minutes and then proceed with hair removal.
  3. Make sure skin is perfectly clean and dry. Do not carry out hair removal on irritated or particularly sensitive skin or in presence of spots, injuries, burns or other skin problems.
  4. Roll on the product in the direction of hair growth and apply it to cover an area of approx 15-18cm. Before beginning the application, make sure that the wax has reached the correct temperature. If the wax is too hot, suspend the application.
  5. Apply a paper strip to the area to the area being treated. Press the strip well onto the skin by applying pressure with the palm of the hand.
  6. Remove the paper strip in the opposite direction to that of the hair growth by pulling it away sharply and parallel to the are being treated.
  7. Keep the skin taut while pulling away the strip. Do not pull the strip upwards from the skin. The strip may be used several times.
  8. After hair removal, clean the area with after wax cleansing oil.
  9. After cleaning, massage with fragrance free moisturiser.


  • Do not use on sensitive skin or skins that have bruises, rankles, turgid, whelks or other problems.
  • Stay out of sunlight and away from UVA rays in the 24 hour period following hair removal.

Made in Italy Made in Italy

Base Mono Kit Roller Wax Heater

The Base Mono Kit is made up of a roller-holding heater, a support and a power cable. It is very convenient and practical for home depilation as well as for professional use. An internal thermostat maintains the using temperature of the wax constant.

Made in Italy Made in Italy


Multiple Wax Heaters


Hair wash sponge

Hair wash sponge
Hair wash sponge
IT-Executive400 Kit 400ml+2R 150W
IT-Executive800 Kit 800ml+2R 150W
CN-8327A-MTP multi 3+1 wax warmer 270W
Hair wash sponge

IT Kit Competition Executive 800ml+2R wax heater 150w

Executive is the line of professional wax warmers with excellent safety characteristics. The handpieces have a heat-sensitive ring which changes colour when the wax reaches the temperature required for use. A constantly perfect temperature is guaranteed thanks to an electronic thermostat.

The separate on-off button allows control of the roller waxes separately from the pot wax. A window is provided for checking the level of the remaining wax.

Wax warmer for 2 roller waxes and 1 800-ml pot wax tin complete with power cord.

Voltage: 220/230V 50/60 Hz

Power: 150 watts

Made in Italy Made in Italy


Paraffin Wax Heaters


IT-Export-P paraffin wax warmer 150W
IT-ScaldaParaffina paraffin wax warmer 250W
CN-937P paraffin wax warmer 2400ml
CN-937P-SET paraffin wax bath set 2400ml

CN-8009-P-RW digital paraffin wax warmer 2500ml 265W
CN-8009-P-G digital paraffin wax warmer 2500ml 265W
CN-8011A-P digital paraffin wax warmer 4300ml 120W

IT-Export-P Paraffin Wax Heater Popular

The paraffin warmer features an extremely modern and pracdtical design. Its functionality together with the possibility to adjust the temperature precisely and the use of an electronic thermostat make this appliance a highly advanced and interesting item.

Made in Italy Made in Italy

IT-ScaldaParaffina paraffin warmer 250W

The paraffin heater has a strong metal body and is white powder-coated. The timer can be pre-set to start unit heating at a specified time so that paraffin can be melted and at therapy time when the salon opens for the day (which is handy considering it takes approx. 3 hours to heat 4kg of paraffin.) It contains an internal thermostat to maintain a consistent temperature and the safety mesh at the bottom prevents client contact with the heating surface.

Made in Italy Made in Italy

Dimensions: (D) 432mm x (W) 233mm x (H) 205mm


Accessories for Wax Heaters


AP1-400 aluminium pot 400cc
AP1-500-HDL aluminum pot 500cc with handle
AP1-1000 aluminum pot 1000cc no handle
AP2-1000-HDL aluminum pot 1000cc w handle

AP3-1000-HDL aluminum pot 1000cc with handle
RC-1000 Ring collar for pot wax warmer

400ml pot w fld handle for IT wax heate
800ml pot w handle for IT wax heater
IT Wax paper cutter
IT Metal wax pot holder

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