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Wax Cleansing Accessories

Wax Paper Spatulas Wax After Wipes Mitts and Boots for Paraffin 

Wax Paper


EU333-A depilate wax paper roll 100m
EU333-B ITALWAX wax paper roll M 7cmx100
EU333-C ITALWAX wax paper roll S 7cmx50m
EU333-D wax paper strip 7x20cm 100pc/pk

EU333-E Hara wax paper strip 100pc/pk
HT-666-R wax paper roll 7cmx91m 100gsm
HT-666 wax paper strip 9inx3in 100pc
HT-666-S-2 wax paper strip 100pcx2



111-C-100 disposable large wooden spatulas 100pc/pk
111-C-20 disposable large wooden spatulas 20pc/pk
111-C-100-S disposable small wooden spatulas 100pc/pk New

111-E-12 Disp. plastic spatulas 12pc/pk
111-F-12 Disp. plastic spatulas 12pc/pk
111-F2-12 Disp. plastic spatulas 12pc/pk
IT stainless steel spatula

Wax After Wipes


Hair wash sponge

111-D After wax wipes 440g

Mitts & Boots for Paraffin


111-B Cotton Manicure Mitts 1pair
111-B1 HK Cotton Mitt 1pc
111-B2 HK Liner for Cotton Mitt 20pc/pk

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